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Our words shall remain eternal...

The Works of Hellsing and the Undead Poets Society

Sea of Chaos
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"...the world we have known
Now rotted away
...our blood growing cold
Bodies slowly decay
...we shall heed the Master's call
Join the sway of deaths sweet forte
...from beyond the grave came we
For deaths dance with little to say
....for our words shall remain eternal
In our souls spoken today."

Our creed ~ The Danse Macabre

The Undead Poets Society was created by the Master of Macabre erilis_vampyre and formed by other Hellsing enthusiasts somewhere in the year of 2004.
Although some of the original members have faded away into the void, others are still around, going strong and hoping for others to join the society and share their souls.

Although the society was originally created through the influence of Hellsing, it is NOT restricted thus. Hellsing and everything else that screams and breaks from inside your soul can be stored and loved by this society in whatever form it decideds to take, whether it be poetry, art, fanfiction, stories/shortstories...ect. Other favorite poetry and works which are not yours is also welcome as long as you clearly lable and/or give credit to the original composer of it.

Other then poetry we also on occasion welcome discussions in philosopy, other literature, life views, political/world events, and other topics listed as 'Interests' in this community...just as long as it is appropriate and to the point. The end justifies the means.
Opinions, views, and critisims are exceptable, just as long as they stay within reasonable and non harmful bounds. We are always looking to better ourselves and help others better themselves as well.

We will not tolerate bashing, spaming, unwanted critisims, putdowns, holier-then-thou's, overbearing paladins and so forth.
Doing so will, in the end, will result in you being banned and devoured by Alucard.

"Fate has driven you...but take heed.
For if though presumeth to flirt with spirits, thou shalt join them."
*grinning* We hope you shall.

After you have been approved please post an introduction before all the Society and let yourself be known. The society are personally close to one another like an undying family and, much like the Knights of the Round Table, we are all equal in the ring of eternity.

Do you hear the bell toll?
It tolls for your soul
If you have the courage then seek it out
Discover just what your soul is all about...

"Lovecraft 1" by Michael Whelan