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Making My Contribution... [Mar. 21st, 2006|05:28 pm]
Sea of Chaos


I feel like a jerk for making no contributions here, so, I shall... just so you know I'm all still technically alive.

Goodnight, Sweet Beautiful Nightmare
It was not nearly morning,
But neither was it night.
It must have been suprising
To wake to all that light.
Did I think that it was morning?
Did I know I was awake?
Was I thinking to myself
Is this real or is this fake?

I doubt that I thought anything,
I really had no chance.
I simply climbed out of my bed
When you asked me to dance.
And that's how it all began,
Our symphony of night,
This dream from which I dare not wake,
This nightmare I won't fight.

You were a fallen angel,
Perhaps a figment of my mind,
Tainted by my darkness,
And twisted by my time.
You kissed me softly on the cheek,
You spoke in perfect rhyme.
Your touch patterned my heartbeat,
Your eyes controlled my mind.

You were a fragile creature,
As delicate as glass,
Your heart was warm and black with sin,
Your hair like polished brass.
This perfect kind eyed demon,
Attending spirit masked by love,
Soul as black as nothingness
Whiter than a dove.

You said goodnight, and then we kissed,
I climbed back into bed.
And then I must have told myself,
It was all just in my head.
And so I woke the next day,
Just a little tired.
Yet somehow cleansed and renewed
By the dreams that had transpired.

That sweet goodnight of haunting dreams,
What will, and what has been...
And between dreams and waking
You may dance with me again.
Goodnight, sweet beautiful nightmare,
The kindest heart I've ever known
For just a fleeting instant
I thought you were my own...

[User Picture]From: azriaz
2006-03-27 11:15 pm (UTC)
Hey ! Long time no see !
I love your poem. Beautiful imagery describing so clearly I can almost see it. I hope to read more from you sooner rather than later ! Besides, I feel like a jerk when I'm not posting here too. u_u
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